Meet our Neighbours! awarded at the UNAWE Resources Fair

During the UNAWE Educational Resources Fair, a fair showcasing a selection educational resources from around the world at EU Universe Awareness Workshop 2013 the award for most popular resource, as voted by participants, was “Meet our Neighbours!” and our project won an Explore Scientific AR102 UNAWE Edition Telescope.

Check more info on the “Highlights of the EU Universe Awareness Workshop 2013” here.


Meet our Neighbours! in display at the UNAWE Educational Resources Fair

The EU Universe Awareness International Workshop 2013 gathered from the 7 to 11 of October, in House of Astronomy, Heidelberg, Germany, a group of educators, teachers, astronomers and experts, to share ideas, techniques and resources. On the 7th of October, during the Educational Resources Fair with Children, “Meet our Neighbours!” resources were showcased altogether with a selection of other educational resources from around the world.


Meet our Neighbours! on GTTP Workshop in Greece

Meet our Neighbours! presented to teachers during Astronomy@myBackpack GTTP Workshop.

…”Astronomy is a visual subject, how do you share this beauty with people with vision impaired? Lina Canas of NUCLIO address this question in the next session with a tactile astronomy experience – “Meet Our Neighbors” – a project with hands-on astronomical materials for people with vision impaired. Canas showed how we can create simple tactile astronomy resources with low cost materials.”…

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