CALL TO ACTION: Cosmic Light EDU kit Workshops

[UPDATE: Deadline extended to 30 June 2015]

[UPDATE 2: Workshop registration to receive support and edu kit is closed. But we encourage you to get in touch with us if you are interested in organising a workshop in your country. We will support as much as we can. Please get in touch with, Thilina Heenatigala heenatigala [at] nuclio [dot] pt]

In 2015 we are celebrating the International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies (IYL2015). This initiative sanctioned by the United Nations and UNESCO aims to bring awareness about the importance of light in our lives, its potential to the promotion of sustainable development and to enhance our knowledge frontiers. The International Astronomical Union (IAU) recognise the importance of light for astronomy and supports that technology in the achievement of greater energy efficiency, in particular by limiting energy waste, and in the reduction of light pollution, which is key to the preservation of dark skies.

One of the efforts spearheaded by IAU under the framework of IYL2015 is the Cosmic Light EDU kit, which gathers a virtual kit with many activities, tools and other resources on the topic of the science of light. This kit will feature continued support for teaching communities around the world, and a special component designed for children with visual impairments will be also incorporated.

The Cosmic Light EDU kit invites science educators around the world to organise workshops locally in the framework of IYL2015. Organisers will receive a packet with Cosmic Light goodies, guidance on organising workshops, support with evaluation and availability of panel of experts to speak at the workshop via Skype or Hangout on Air about various topics. The workshops will be tailored training for educators aiming to bring cutting edge topics. Light for education is the vision for this unique opportunity where expertise from diverse areas will be provided virtually through the team, training the participants hands-on and minds-on for their classrooms.

Apply by 30 June 2015 through the online form.


More information

Cosmic Light EDU kit
The aim of the project is to involve schools around the globe in awareness campaigns in the framework of the International Year of Light. The project will assemble a tool kit, the Cosmic Light Educational Kit, with simple tools to address the proposed thematic of the ephemeris, in particular those related the nature of light, the impact of light in our knowledge of the Universe, its importance for our existence.

International Year of Light (IYL2015)
IYL2015 is a global initiative adopted by the United Nations to raise awareness of how optical technologies promote sustainable development and provide solutions to worldwide challenges in energy, education, agriculture, communications and health.

NĂșcleo Interactivo de Astronomia (NUCLIO)
NUCLIO is a non profit organisation created by professional astronomers with the goal of promoting science outreach and education. NUCLIO coordinates the Galileo Teacher Training Program (GTTP), one of the largest teacher training movements in the world with participation of more than 100 countries. Since its establishment, the organisation has reached directly over 10 000 students and 2000 teachers at a national level. In Portugal NUCLIO is responsible for iconic international educational projects such as International Asteroid Search Campaign, Universe Awareness, Astronomers Without Borders and Dark Sky Rangers.


Cosmic Light EDU kit (
International Year of Light (
NĂșcleo Interactivo de Astronomia (


Thilina Heenatigala
Cosmic Light EDU Kit Coordination
Colombo, Sri Lanka
Cell: +94 716 245 545
Email: heenatigala [at] nuclio [dot] pt

Rosa Doran
President of the Executive Council
Lisbon, Portugal
Cell: +351 966 781 264
Email: rosa [dot] doran [at] nuclio [dot] pt

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